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This year’s Masters Watch and Play Event was a success! Guests enjoyed complimentary hors d’ oeuvres from Carmel Café, Red Elephant Pizza and Grill and Gigi’s Cupcakes while participating in the various Masters themed contests. On Thursday, Jimmy Jones Jr. won the Closest to the Pin contest and Scott Stanton won on Friday. Coincidently, both winners landed the ball 10.5 feet away and won Golfer’s Grail swag and restaurant gift certificates! The winner of the Player Blind Drawing was Bob Herman, who chose Bubba Watson on Friday. Hermon was excited to receive $15 towards his next Golfer’s grail visit! Golfer’s Grail’s is pleased to have raised $85 dollars worth of proceeds for the Children’s Cancer Center and  would like to say thank you to everyone who participated in the 2014 Masters Watch and Play Event!

<![CDATA[Masters Practice Round Ticket Winner Interview]]>Wed, 09 Apr 2014 16:10:24 GMThttp://golfersgrail.net/golf-talk/masters-practice-round-ticket-winner-interviewPicture
Congratulations again to Chris Cooper, the winner of the Master’s Practice Round Ticket Contest! When asked about her love for golf and the Masters, Chris explained she loves watching the long tee shots and is looking forward to seeing the course and the beautiful azaleas in full bloom! Although she doesn’t have a particular player favorite she is rooting for either one of the more seasoned pros or a first timer who could come up from behind. 

Chris and her husband began playing golf 15 years ago and she says her favorite thing about the sport is the challenge of the game and being able to enjoy that challenge in both social and business circles. “It’s good quality time with my husband and also with friends and business clients.”

Chris was introduced to Golfer’s Grail when a location was needed for Gals Golfing, rain or shine. She explained that coming to Golfer’s Grail is so enjoyable because of the personal attention from staff and the comfortable environment. “It’s a great place to relax, have some fun and even talk business!” Chris also gave credit to PGA Professional Jim Wright for providing such great instruction during the Gals Golfing events!

Golfer’s Grail is thrilled that such a sweet and golf-loving contestant won the Masters Practice Round tickets and looks forward to hearing about Chris’ experience!

<![CDATA[Golfer’s Grail of Tampa Hosts Indoor Get Golf Ready Program ]]>Wed, 05 Feb 2014 15:11:33 GMThttp://golfersgrail.net/golf-talk/golfers-grail-of-tampa-hosts-indoor-get-golf-ready-programTAMPA, Fla. – (Dec. 26, 2013) – Golfer’s Grail Indoor Golf & Tap in Carrollwood is hosting a Get Golf Ready program starting Jan 6. The five-week series is designed to teach individuals the basic fundamentals they need to play golf in just five lessons.

Each of the weekly classes will focus on the various golf skills individuals use while playing. This includes putting, chipping, half swing and full swing instruction, tips for playing with groups, a rule review, general golf lingo, and even what to wear.   

<![CDATA[A Hole In One]]>Wed, 05 Feb 2014 14:47:09 GMThttp://golfersgrail.net/golf-talk/a-hole-in-oneDown here in Florida, the sport of golf is something people of all ages enjoy playing. However, while many people choose to go to some of the many beautiful golf courses Florida boasts, some just don’t have the time. Or, some may be like me (a never-held-a-golf-club-in-my-life beginner) and too scared to head to the golf course before getting some practice in before hand.  So, when Ryan heard about Golfer’s Grail, an indoor golfing place located in Carrollwood off of Dale Mabry, I just knew I had to tag along.

<![CDATA[Golfer's Grail Receives PGA Approval]]>Wed, 05 Feb 2014 14:26:48 GMThttp://golfersgrail.net/golf-talk/february-05th-2014TAMPA – When Jeff Sproat opened Golfer’s Grail, an indoor golf facility, more than a year ago, he never doubted it would take off.

Sproat said it was a “pie in the sky” beginning, but it has paid off. The ultimate honor came when Golfer’s Grail was recently given approval by the PGA of America, the only indoor facility in Florida to get that honor. Players can also sign up for tee times on the Golf Channel’s Golf Now site.

“It was a big honor and it shows how far we have come,” Sproat said. “When you are the only one, that means something.”

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<![CDATA[Golfer’s Grail Named New Indoor Golf Home for Gals Golfing]]>Thu, 10 Oct 2013 13:19:16 GMThttp://golfersgrail.net/golf-talk/golfers-grail-named-new-indoor-golf-home-for-gals-golfing
<![CDATA[Golfer's Grail adds Friday night event]]>Wed, 24 Jul 2013 13:46:47 GMThttp://golfersgrail.net/golf-talk/golfers-grail-adds-friday-night-eventBY JEFF BERLINICKE
Special Correspondent 

Published: July 23, 2013
TAMPA - The Golfer's Grail Indoor Golf and Tap Room is rather busy, considering it has been around less than a year.

It's about to get even bigger and better by starting Birdies & Beers from 10 p.m. to midnight on Fridays. The event is open to anyone who wants to have fun playing some of the best golf courses in the world. Since all play takes place on simulated courses, the Florida summer heat and rainstorms aren't factors.

Birdies & Beers will feature three-hole matches, two-person teams, plenty of contests, prizes and $2 domestic beers.

There's more.

Golfer's Grail is accepting two-player teams to play once a week for five weeks in a scramble format. There are new courses each week, and almost any course you've ever seen on television is represented. One minute you are in Ponte Vedra Beach playing the 17th island hole at the Stadium Course, and the next you can be off to Scotland to play St. Andrews and the Road Hole.

The simulators can detect any type of shot. Slices and hooks to draws and putts are realistic for an indoor facility. Even if you dunk one at the Stadium Course, you don't lose any golf balls.

Golfer's Grail is a PGA-recognized facility and the décor makes it seem like a real PGA clubhouse.

There are plenty of televisions to check out the Rays or any other sports team, and plenty of catered food from local establishments.

Players can bring their own clubs but rentals are available.

For more information, visit www.golfersgrail.net, call (813) 969-2100 or check out the facility at 10019 N. Dale Mabry Highway.

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<![CDATA[Tampa Bay Times - Golf, both simulated and real, is on tap at three fun local pubs]]>Thu, 13 Jun 2013 15:46:22 GMThttp://golfersgrail.net/golf-talk/tampa-bay-times-golf-both-simulated-and-real-is-on-tap-at-three-fun-local-pubsTampa Bay Times - Golf, both simulated and real, is on tap at three fun local pubs
By Justin Grant, Times correspondent

With the U.S. Open wrapping up this weekend, everyone's attention will be focused on one thing: golf.

What's that, you say? You're not a golf fan and have never played the game seriously, past a few heated rounds at the local miniature golf course?

Well, that sounds a lot like me until very recently. Alas, I've been bitten by the golf bug.

A few weeks ago, it was my dad's birthday. For the past few years, I've been out of town for the occasion, so this was the first time in a while that we had a chance to get together and have some proper birthday fun. I got a tip about some interesting golf-related bar concepts in the area and thought we'd go check a couple of them out — despite my almost comical lack of golf experience.

My dad has dragged me to the driving range in the past, but dozens of 15-yard "drives" in every direction except straight meant that my clubs spent a lot more time collecting dust in the garage than sending balls down the fairway. Besides, golf always seemed too bourgeois for me. It had never occurred to me that golf can actually be pretty damn fun, as well as an ideal way to get in some quality family time.

With Father's Day this weekend, perhaps you're looking for something different to do with the old man, but aren't sure where to start. Maybe he's a casual golfer himself, or maybe you're both golf fanatics. Either way, I've got some suggestions, both for Father's Day, as well as just an ordinary night out.

Let's tee 'em up.


We started out at Golfer's Grail, an "indoor golf and tap" facility in Carrollwood. Two of the words in that title intrigued me (hey, it's hot out) right off the tee. As soon as I walked inside, I knew this was completely new territory. The entire rear wall of Golfer's Grail was taken up with massive projection screens, separated into four separate sections, each depicting a simulation of a golf course, with a green patch of fake grass in front of each screen. I'd never seen anything like this.

Welcome to the world of indoor golf simulators.

Owner Jeff Sproat walked us through the ins and outs of the Golfblaster 3D software — the program that allows you to play a full, extremely realistic round of golf, all in front of a large screen. And while the ambient sounds inside Golfer's Grail include birds chirping to make you feel like you're out on the course, it always stays a cool 72 degrees.

Here's how it works: You pay for the simulator by the hour, and up to four golfers can share. You can start with the driving range, practice putting on the green or even perform accuracy drills by smashing the windows of an old house. When you're ready to hit the course, you select from a list of more than 60 actual courses from around the world. We picked a beginner's course in the Czech Republic.

This is not like the video games you find in most bars. Here, you're hitting real balls with real clubs, and sensors around the turf analyze your stroke, ball trajectory, club speed and other statistics. As a complete novice, this was invaluable, as the stats are available on a separate screen for you to peruse after each shot. I had a tendency to slice right on my drives, and while some people may be able to fix this intuitively, I like looking at numbers. Wouldn't you know it? My stroke angle was dead-on, but my club face angle was atrociously open, as far as 25 degrees at times.

While we golfed, we tried a few drinks. Golfer's Grail carries several craft beers, a handful of wines, and a cool policy of allowing guests to bring their own wine for a $15 corkage fee, but we decided on the $3 shandy special. This traditional beer-and-lemonade cooler is perfect for a round of golf, and at the Grail, you can get it with your choice of beer and mixer (7-Up, ginger ale, lemonade, etc.). And if you get hungry, you can even order food from one of several neighboring restaurants that will deliver it directly to you.

We only managed to make it through about five holes before it was time to go, but if you visit and want to wind down afterward, Golfer's Grail also has a comfy lounge area, the aforementioned 19th hole bar and even a pro shop. Need to work on your game? Three PGA Class A instructors offer lessons at the Grail, as well as two PGA apprentices, including Sprout's son Jason.

<![CDATA[Golf summer camp stays cool because it's indoors - BY JEFF BERLINICKE TBO.com]]>Wed, 05 Jun 2013 15:45:16 GMThttp://golfersgrail.net/golf-talk/golf-summer-camp-stays-cool-because-its-indoors-by-jeff-berlinickeGolf summer camp stays cool because it's indoorsBY JEFF BERLINICKE
Special Correspondent 

Published: June 5, 2013
TAMPA - What's wrong with kids taking a golf club and a golf ball and breaking some windows just for the fun of it?

That's the philosophy at the Golfer's Grail off Dale Mabry Highway in Tampa, where kids can attend an indoor golf summer camp that runs throughout the summer under the supervision of owner Jeff Sproat and PGA apprentices Jason Sproat and Shaun Van Patten. Kids get a chance to play golf on the more than 60 golf simulators that include famous golf courses from all over the world, but the camp is more about fun than trying to birdie No. 12 at Augusta or the Road Hole at St. Andrews.

There are putting greens and putting contests, and also simulators that allow kids to fire shots through glass windows. The noise and the broken glass is all simulated, but the effects are pretty realistic, and a lot of fun for kids who want to wreak a little bit of havoc.
<![CDATA[Junior Golf Camps Set to Start June 10 at Golfer’s Grail in Tampa]]>Fri, 31 May 2013 20:58:02 GMThttp://golfersgrail.net/golf-talk/junior-golf-camps-set-to-start-june-10-at-golfers-grail-in-tampa